Active School Parent’s Survey.

We recently sent out a survey to all parents about Active Schools. We wanted to share some of the results of the survey with everyone.

  1. 95% of parents said their child enjoys P.E. in school.
  2. The majority of parents felt positively about P.E. with 31% saying it’s important for children to be getting regular exercise and 24% saying it’s excellent.
  3. According to parents the most popular areas of P.E. are soccer, games and being outdoors. 16% of parents say their child enjoys all areas of P.E.
  4. According to parents the least popular areas of P.E. are Gymnastics, Dance and Soccer.
  5. When asked for ways in which we could improve P.E in our school 35% of parents said that it was good as it is and couldn’t be improved. A lot of parents suggested more time for P.E., P.E. on more days each week, and letting children choose the activities.
  6. 49% of parents said that their child takes part in a sporting activity after or outside of school with Gaelic Football, Soccer and Martial Arts being the most popular.
  7. 70% of parents said their child gets the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity every day.
  8. 75% of parents were aware that our school was a holder of the Active School Flag.

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