Active School Pupil’s Survey.

We recently surveyed all  pupils about Active Schools. We wanted to share some of the results of the survey with everyone.

  1. 98% of students like P.E. in school with 50% saying the reason they like it is because it’s fun.
  2. 93% of students think they are good at P.E.
  3. Games was the favourite strand with 44% of students.
  4. Athletics was the least mentioned strand.
  5. 90% of students like when coaches come to school to teach sports with learning new sports, improving at sports and learning new skills as the most popular reasons why.
  6. When asked how could P.E. be better the most popular answers were having more variety, having more P.E. and having more/better equipment.
  7. Spikeball, Gaelic Football, Athletics and Karate were the most popular suggestions of what new sporting activity boys would like to try.
  8. 86% of students were aware that our school had an Active School Flag.



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