03F1ECF5-1F53-4F76-9910-36558FD00D90As part of our standardised PE timetable all classes were taking part in Athletics for September and October. Teachers signed up to Fit4Class from Athletics Ireland. This is a ten week game based program which helps children develop their skills needed for Athletics. All classes really enjoyed the games, and some are still used as warm up games for other PE lessons.



Team Teaching.

Junior Infants room 19 and 6th class room 15 joined together today for their P.E. lesson. As we are working on the Games strand,the classes worked on their throwing skills. 4 stations were set up and the groups moved around each station. Station 1 was the foam javelin throw. Station 2 was scoop ball. Station 3 was foam basketballs. And Station 4 was tennis racquets. All the boys had great fun learning together. 6th Class were excellent at teaching the Junior Infants and giving them tips on how to improve their throwing at each station.

Suggestion Box.

Just a reminder that our Active School Suggestion Box is outside Mrs. Kelly’s office. All suggestions are welcome about any activity you would like done in the school or ways we can make the school more active. You can also put in ideas for P.E. lessons you would like to do. This month we are doing the Games Strand. So put in suggestions of your favourite games. Ideas from students, parents and staff are all welcome.