Knex Wars!

As part of  the Active School Initiative, we incorporate actives into our mainstream lessons. A typical example of this is Knex Wars. This is where each class uses Knex to create prototype vehicles, which they then test in the school hall. Great fun and an excellent means of getting physical activity into our maths lessons. Well done to all involved.

Wing Chun Gold Medal.

IMG_4007.JPGWell done to Ronan Cleary, Room 15, who won a gold medal in his Wing Chun Kata competition over the weekend. Ronan is in Carlow Martial Arts Sanctuary Club and was competing against people from Wales in the12-16 age category.



Books and Sport

We have a kickstarter program  for the senior classes, whereby pupils are given a variety of set books to read on a termly basis. A major section of the reference module contains a large selection of sports books which are very popular. The DK Sports is particularly useful as it explains in very clear detail all the major sports.



Welcome back and Happy New Year to you all. We hope everyone had a nice winter break. We look forward to sharing all our ways of keeping active with you in 2017.

Active School Flag 2017

Welcome to Holy Family Boys National School Active School Blog. We are currently in the process of renewing our Active School Flag. We will be using this blog to show our progress throughout the year. Please visit to see all the posts in the four sections; Physical Education, Physical Activity, Partnerships and Active Schools Week. We have a busy year ahead and look forward to sharing it all with you.