Active School Flag 2017

Welcome to Holy Family Boys National School Active School Blog. We are currently in the process of renewing our Active School Flag. We will be using this blog to show our progress throughout the year. Please visit to see all the posts in the four sections; Physical Education, Physical Activity, Partnerships and Active Schools Week. We have a busy year ahead and look forward to sharing it all with you.



03F1ECF5-1F53-4F76-9910-36558FD00D90As part of our standardised PE timetable all classes were taking part in Athletics for September and October. Teachers signed up to Fit4Class from Athletics Ireland. This is a ten week game based program which helps children develop their skills needed for Athletics. All classes really enjoyed the games, and some are still used as warm up games for other PE lessons.


Super troopers.

All classes received their Super Troopers booklets from Laya Healthcare in September. They have being using them to support Active homework, mindfulness and healthy eating. All feedback from families has been really positive. We hope you keep enjoying it.



6th class recently went on a trip to Cullohill in County Laois. They went on a long hike through the forest and fields and learned a lot about history, geography and science along the way. It was a long hike to the top of the hill but a water break from a natural spring on the way and the view that greeted them at the top made it worthwhile. It was a great day out. Here are some pictures from the trip.